About Taxpoint Associates

Taxpoint Associates was established in 1996 and have since been on active practice as Chartered Tax Practitioners / Forensic Accountants in synchronized consortium fashion.

Our Managing Partner is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria with the Institute's License to practice. Ditto for the firm's staff partners. We have in the past been Consultant to various companies in the defense of Tax Assessment issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Service and State Internal Revenue Services.

We have been able to do these to the satisfaction of such clients. The variety of the partners former association and connection has ensured that the firm has its root in the practice of taxation and allied services. The development of our practice has been carefully managed to ensure that any expansion in our client base and consequently the size of the professional staff has not been achieved at the expense of our quality standards of works.

Our philosophy is to uphold a high level of professionalism and technical standards in the handling of all clients' assignment. This derives from the diverse background of our partners all of whom have had several years experience in various International Accounting and Consulting firms. Our services which is essentially client oriented includes the following:- Revenue Generation, Taxation, Accounting, Management Advisory Services and Training.

We at Taxpoint Associates believe in pin-pointing problems, suggest solutions and recommend opportunities therefore, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your need without commitment. Moreover, we will also as a matter of policy provide a tax opinion letter which will include the following: -
- A statement of all material facts
- An analysis of the relevant tax law
- A statement of opinion, including where appropriate reference to the desirability of obtaining counsel's opinion.
- A statement to the effect that the advice is based on the facts stated and the firm's interpretation of the law and authorities at the present time which may be subject to change through statutory or judicial procedures.

The exact circumstances of the opinion letter will control the strength of the precautionary statement.