Our Services

We at Taxpoint Associates believe in pin-pointing problems, suggest solutions and recommend opportunities therefore, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your need without commitment. Moreover, we will also as a matter of policy provide a tax opinion letter which will include the following: -

  • A statement of all material facts

  • An analysis of the relevant tax law

  • A statement of opinion, including where appropriate reference to the desirability of obtaining counsel's opinion.

  • A statement to the effect that the advice is based on the facts stated and the firm's interpretation of the law and authorities at the present time which may be subject to change through statutory or judicial procedures. The exact circumstances of the opinion letter will control the strength of the precautionary statement.

This typifies our approach to issue that is fundamental and which may interest our clients


We can prepare or review all required Federal and State income tax returns, Taxpoint Associates can prepare or review all special fillings, including any special tax returns. We can represent your company before Federal Inland Revenue Department or State Internal Revenue Divisions with respect to examination of their tax returns and also appeal against Best of Judgment (BOJ) assessments.

Taxpoint Associates provides constructive tax planning to your company in the following areas:
- Provision of current tax planning, including maximizing the use of tax exemptions through the analysis of taxable and tax exempt income.
- Tax analysis of capital allowances, customs duties, Investment tax credit and off-set tax credits where applicable.
- Tax analysis and classification of income chargeable to Corporate Tax or Personal Income Tax etc.
- Tax analysis of any other contemplated transaction.

We can review your company's accounts and tax computations, going back up to six years, to insure that your company takes maximum advantage of available tax benefits.

We will assist staff where applicable in making their tax returns and obtaining tax clearance certificate. Taxpoint Associates has developed one of the comprehensive checklists of available tax allowances, incentives and exemption in order to ensure that our clients legally minimize their taxes. We also keep our clients abreast of changes in tax laws and how they affect their operations.

We provide advice and assistance for clients on a wide variety of accounting matters vis – a – vis:-
- Developing of a suitable accounting system or improvement of the existing one
- General bookkeeping. Accounting and ledger entries, opening of accounting books.
- Preparation and presentation of management accounts, provision of information for management budgets, cash and profit forecast.
- Provision of accounting support to clients who require additional accounting services
- Investigation and Exploratory accounting in accounting problem areas, or areas of suspected fraud or misappropriations.
- Preparations of business valuation statement either for specific business situations or for new start up companies

We advise businesses on the most appropriate method of obtaining finance and assist in their application to Banks and other Financial Institutions. We also collaborate in the presentation of budgets, cash flow and profit forecasts. We provide innovative and timely solutions in circumstances where an organisation's future viability is in jeopardy. We offer consulting services designed to deal with a company's financial. Liquidity or management crises leading to appropriate restructuring or re-organisation. In other circumstances, we provide statutory services such as acting as formal administrators in the role of a receiver or liquidator.

We typically render the following services:
- Business Monitoring: This involves periodic review to assess and report on the organization's progress against the recovery and turnaround criteria.
- Turnaround and Recovery Strategy: We advice troubled companies leading to the development of a rescue and implementation plan.

Taxpoint Associates provides a series of other services, which are grouped as management advisory services. The principal areas in which the firm's management advisory experts may be of assistance are those closely related to our work as management consultant. These include: • Accounting system design, reviews, redesign and update
- Cost control and Budgeting
- Management Information System
- Business Plan and Feasibility Studies
- Executives Search, Personnel Policy and Recruitment
- Business Permit and Expatriate Quota etc.

Most customers have had their bank accounts debited with excess and authorized bank charges and interest thereby losing million of Naira ignorantly. The prevailing economic environment makes it imperative to professionally determine as a cost saving measure, the authenticity and accuracy of various bank charges and interest with a view to detecting and recovering the excess/unauthorized charges there on. Taxpoint Associates provide a highly professional service in the regard.

At Taxpoint Associates people are our resources and assets, we place emphasis on professionalism, technical competency, dynamism and high-level efficiency.

We provide career-oriented professional training for our clients personnel. In this regard, our curriculum covers accounting, tax planning and compliance. We also provide seminars and workshop for our clients and our speakers are drawn from our associate partners. These are people who are not just teaching theories but share practical experience over the years and are All members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) the ONLY Institute recognized by Government on taxation matters in Nigeria. (Decree 76 of 1992), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN), Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (CPFAcct) etc.